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The Dancing Fairies


Sunday, March 26th, 2006 

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Suggested cost is $5.00 donation


Proceeds pay for the room rental.  If there is any funds left over

 the remainder is used to purchase new music.

Please be sure to donate. 

It's the price of a fancy coffee.




What to bring

*your own beverage

*a treat to share for afterwards (optional)

*no shoes permitted

(nonslip slippers, ballet shoes and moccasins all okay)

*Your fav wrap and deco's to dance in.


March 's sacred circle dance will be dedicated to the great spark of the ever-burning renewing life forces & mysteries that surround us.   


What seeds will you nuture & grow during this season?


We will dance for fulfillment of our dreams and newly desired aspirations.  

Dancing with our spirit guides & spirits of the dance.


We will honour the changes of the approaching Season in her young Maiden form.  


It will be a time to manifestate your own personal perspectives and reflect upon the changes that have happened to you over the past season.   And, now carry forward the new changes that you want to bring into your life.

What will you take into growing hours?


 As we gather in the subtle energies of the

Young Maiden form.

It's all about renewal, rebuilding and revising.


We will begin to start to say farewell to Winter's end and, welcome in our hearts the growing light of Spring.  


In turn our  sense of the deepness within is like a well that will bring about new growth and some inner relfections.  Our strengths will be strengthened and our weakness will dissipate.

Let's dance for healing and change!!!


If you'd like to bring along something special  to place in the centre, please feel free to do so.  


The feature for March's sacred circle dance will be either Goddesses, Elementals or Greek dances (poll still active).   


All of the dances will be danced either in a circle or a spiral around a burning candle. For some of the dances we will be holding hands and for others not.

Our sacred dance will  include   


    Join the circle and invite the spirits & guides of dance.

Moving Meditation

 Guided Ecstatic Dance 




"Winds on the Tor"
Ending with Maize 

* Means a new dance.

The purpose of these dances will be to journey while  we are creating sacred healing energy with gentle motion.  We will learn to reconnect with our sacred by dancing  and listening to the rhythmic music



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The Dancing Fairies meet once a month in Calgary, Alberta.  If you would like to dance and join with the dancing fairies please fill out the box below and send. You will receive confirmation of joining and email each month announcing the date we are dancing.  
Just send email to dancingfairies@shaw.caYour email address will be added within 48hours.
Blessings - From one of the dancing fairies

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